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New York Tropicals was founded by Peter Mikoda in 2008.  With years of experience in the landscaping industry, he couldnt help but to notice the attraction of tropical plants and palms to the eyes of all his clients.  Creating design work incorporating a tropical realm along the Long Island coast spread like wildfire.  
The only option at the time was to take the business to the next level, and that was not only servicing residential clients with tropical foliage but delivering to the garden centers as well.  Spending countless hours, days, and weeks in South Florida in search of the finest tropical plants and palms, his plans would finally come to fruition.  
Delivering quality plant material for a reasonable price with great customer service has led to New York Tropicals being one of the major tropical distributors in the region.

New York Tropicals
1641 Bellmore Rd.. North
Bellmore NY, 11710

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